GUIDED IMAGERY: “God’s healing power is quickened within me. I am healed.”

15 Minutes with a Tree and Your Heart Sutra.

Trees are an enormous comfort as well as a good de-stressor.
Use this meditation when you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of some pure love.

Affirmation: God’s healing power is quickened within me. I am healed.

Step 1: Go find a good climbing tree.
Climb it slowly and carefully. The higher you can go the better!

For best results remove shoes and socks and wear comfortable clothes.

Step 2: Slowly ascend. As you climb, look around you. Really take in your surroundings. Stop to take deep breaths, to hug the branches, and to feel the rough bark on your skin.

NOTE: Try to do this exercise in secret and away from prying eyes.

Step 3: Find a good and comfortable sitting or resting spot in the tree. In this place meditation is best found. Take slow and deep breaths.

Quiet your mind and the chattering. When the mind is perfectly still a path way is opened and cleared for the Spirit.

Be patient with yourself, your mind will wander. Just keep breathing- even a moment of stillness is worth the wait!

”Just listen. Try not to focus on any one sound, or follow any particular sequence of sounds. Let your whole being function as a 360 degree open sphere of listening. Don’t process what you hear. Don’t day dream. Don’t doze. For fifteen minutes, please, just listen.”
~From the Zen of Creativity by John Daido Loori

Step 5: Hug a vertical branch near you so that your heart chakra is pressed against the branch. Close your eyes. Remember to breathe.
Imagine yourself as one with the tree. Any stress you have is released and in turn the tree sends its healing energy through you.


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