GUIDED IMAGERY: “I recognize the need for silence and stillness in my life.”

The Pond, The Ripple and The Lilly

Chakra Connection:
Ajna, (The Third Eye)

Main Issue:
Intuition, Wisdom, Insight

Before you begin, make sure you are laying or sitting comfortably. Close your eyes. Take a few deep cleansing breaths.

You walk down a long, wooded lane. The birds chirp and sing all around you. After some time, you come to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing is a pond. Aside the pond is a tall, flowering tree. You sit down beneath the tree just at the pond’s edge. The pond is Still and crystal clear. You hear nothing- just blissful quiet. Revel in the solitude as you say to yourself I am Still like the pond.

On top of the pond sit three remarkable, white lilies. They float effortlessly just on the surface and give off an air of supreme Peace and Beauty. Appreciate and welcome their perfection as you say to yourself I am full of the Peace and Beauty of the lilies.

At your side you notice a small white pebble. Pick it up and admire its smooth, perfect texture. Gently toss it into the center of the still pond. Gentle ripples cascade from the center, moving Silently toward you. As the ripples reach the edge of the pond, say to yourself I am Silent like the ripples.

Feel the rhythm resonate through your body. You are now One with the Pond, the Ripple and the Lilly. Take a deep cleansing breath as you say

I am Still
I am Peaceful
I am Beautiful
I am Silent
I recognize the need for these things in my life.

Slowly open your eyes when you are ready. Take a few deep breaths. How do you feel?


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