GUIDED IMAGERY: “The Fire at the Top of the Pyramid”

The Fire at the Top of the Pyramid

Associated Chakra:

Solar Plexus (3rd)


Just below the rib cage,

Above the navel.

 Associated Color:


 Balanced 3rd Chakra:

Respects self and others, has personal power,

Spontaneous and uninhibited.

 * Sit or lie comfortably, making sure your spine is straight and elongated. Take a few deep cleansing breathes as you close your eyes. Imagine each in-breath as new energy entering your body. With each out-breath you enjoy a sense of letting go as you give into the revitalizing energy.

  You stand in the middle of an open green field of grass. Ahead of you is a worn path lined with bright, yellow wild flowers. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the fragrance. A gentle breeze blows through the field and the warm Sun shines down upon your face. You are completely at ease.

 Ahead of you is a great pyramid. The top of the pyramid is not yet visible to you and is surrounded by clouds. You can however, make out an orange fire burning at the top.

 Walk the path at a leisurely pace until you reach the pyramid’s side. You see three stair-stepped paths carved into the side of the pyramid. Let your intuition guide you as you select your path, knowing that whatever choice you make is the right one and will guide you safely to the top.

 As you slowly ascend, keep your attention on your Solar Plexus Chakra, located just below your rib cage and above your navel. This disk radiates a soft yellow light as it spins. It is the center of your personal power and self will. This chakra helps bring into balance the head and the heart in order to achieve a new point of balance. Place your hands over this chakra and feel it pulse with power. As you climb feel the power of your 3rd chakra grow.

 You’ve reached the top of the pyramid now and you stand on level ground. A fire burns before you. It is enclosed by smooth, round rocks. You are completely alone at the top but enjoy the safety and freedom you feel. Take a deep breath in and revel in the clean cool air.

 Sit or stand next to the fire, feeling its warmth and radiance. Your 3rd chakra disk begins to equalize and come into balance, feeding off the energy of the fire before you. Its yellow hue fills your entire body from head to toe. Know that you are a Spiritual Warrior and have all the answers to life’s challenges within you. You are open to Divine Guidance.

 Say aloud:

“My personal power is becoming stronger each day.

I deserve all the love, respect, joy, and prosperity that comes to me.

I am open to receiving all the good things the universe will bestow upon me.”

Take a deep, cleansing self-affirming breath.

 Now, turn away from the fire and slowly make your way back down the pyramid and to the grassy path at a leisurely pace. You are a unique and powerful being. Know that as you overcome external challenges your Spiritual Warrior self will be refined and strengthened.

Make a mental note of how you feel. Climb the pyramid anytime you wish.





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