GUIDED IMAGERY: “Purify Your Dreams in the Waterfall of Light”

Sit in a comfortable chair with your hands folded in your lap, palms up and touching. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in counting to seven. Hold for seven and then release counting again to seven.

Now, imagine with you mind’s eye a white light descending from Heaven. This is the Light of Truth and Love (some call it God) ☺

. Imagine this Light enters the top of your head and fills you to the brim. So much so that it radiates from your every pore. Imagine little white beams of light pouring from you- cleansing you and clearing away the debris.

As it filters out- the white Light changes slowly to a Violet/Purplish haze which fills your aura. The Haze filters back through your third eye chakra in the middle of your forehead. The Violet haze becomes a water fall of light which trickles down to your root chakra gradually becoming a deep shade of red. This can be thought of as Courage. Perhaps the courage you need to fulfill a dream you’ve been holding inside?

Imagine little roots growing from your feet. The haze filters out through the roots of your feet.

You aura is completely cleansed. All your chakras are in balance and as the white light recedes it fills you with a very deep sense of calm.

Affirmation: Say aloud: I am cleansed in the Light, any self doubt or mis-perceptions I may have had about myself are washed away. My dreams are coming true.

Know that your being is Sacred. Your dreams and wishes for the world, your family, your friends and yourself are the basis for this being and know that every moment until now (both positive and negative) has been a building block for the legacy you wish to leave.

God is within you and His Light is an ever cleansing waterfall, accessible to all. ☺


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