“First, Do No Harm” and Vax’ing Your Child

I am reading a fascinating article in “Pathways” magazine entitled “How Scientific Is Modern Medicine, Really?” by Dana Ullman, MPH. Anyways, it alleges that modern ‘scientific’ medicine is no longer honoring the Hippocratic oath of First Do No Harm. I would say this is exactly right when it comes to Vaxxing. “The challenge for us all is to determine how can we make modern medicine more ‘scientific,’ more effective and more safe. We must develop a more integrative model of medicine and healing, using various naturopathic and homeopathic methods as a way to honor the Hippocratic tradition of “First, do no harm.” zing.

Since the birth of my son 5 months ago, I have been mulling over and over in my mind one question- Should I vaccinate my child?

My elijah has had his 2 months and that is it. I’m holding off while I decide; more and more I am reading that most of the medical society is controlled by the Pharmacamafia… So, while in theory vaccs aren’t bad, I am given pause due to the fact that the scientific community is becoming corroded by the bottom line and pressures from the Pharma. Until it opens up to integrating with Holistic and Homeopathic and realigns itself with the Hippocratic Oath and the idea of “First, do no harm” I don’t trust much of what they say. There have been many claims that the MMR vaccine causes Autism for instance. And many children are vax injured every year. Most of this is swept under the rug. We need to research what is actually going on here. I saw on KY3 (local news channel) last week that 1 in 80 children are now autistic. When do we say stop- enough is enough. What is actually going on here??!

Here is the smoking gun article that solidified my decision not to vax from the International Medical Council on Vaccinations.


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