Anxious Much? Here’s food for thought….

Have the guts to feel your anxiety

The first step in quieting your anxiety is to first realize you are anxious!

This goes hand and hand with living a more mindful life. Are there certain times that you tend to be anxious, such as in the morning when you are about to start your day or perhaps before bed?

Take this time to take 4 minutes of quiet.

Stop and Feel It

In my experiences, I have found that anxiety is triggered by many things.

Could be something as simple as a disagreement with a friend or a laundry list of things to accomplish. Whatever the reason, recognize it! Knowing is half the battle right?

Once you’ve become aware of the fact that you are anxious, make an effort to correct the feeling in the moment.

Stop whatever it is you are doing.

Take a few calm, slow deep breaths.

 Now, Grab a pen and paper.

Go find a quiet place, could be in your bedroom at the kitchen table, or- my favorite place- on the porch.

Sit quietly with your hands resting on your lap. Slowly close your eyes and let your mind drift for a moment. Imagine you are outside of yourself and are observing yourself. How do you look? How is your posture? How is your breathing? Take 3 slow deep breathes and Smile.

Time is not your jailor

You are in control of all that you do and that you are lovingly guided by the Universe. No problem is too great for you to overcome.

Take a mindful Deep Breath through your nose. Notice the breath as it enters your nose and then expands your lungs. Let your belly pooch out as much as it needs to. Then exhale through your nose. Notice the breath now as it leaves your nostrils. Slowly flex your stomach in removing as much air from your abdomen as possible.

Slowly open your eyes. The world around you seems refreshed and clearer.

 Now that you are relaxed, try to identify the root of your anxiety- remembering that you have every resource at your disposal to solve any problem. Quickly and without thinking, write down the problem. Then right down one practical thing you can do to remedy the problem and thus empower yourself.

 Say aloud: I lovingly ask the Universe to guide me, I accept and trust its Guidance.






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