How I cured a plugged duct and subsequent milk blister…

So there is a lot of advice out there for this type of thing… and trust me (as you may or may not already know) you will go running to Google or the nearest LC for it if and when this happens.


So, yeah, I knew not to wear tight shirts but I went ahead and did it… over night… bad idea. I forgot to pull back down the shirt and it proceeded to squeeze my breast for about an hour until my brain alerted me via a bizarre dream about breastfeeding Elijah and I corrected the problem by feeding E and pulling my shirt down.

Anyways, I woke up the next morning with the bottom half of my right breast full of milk and knotty! Talk about pain, and Fear! What if my baby couldn’t get milk!?!?

So here is what I did.

The Plugged Duct

1. Called the Lactation Consultant.

2. Searched the internet.

3. Nursed Elijah all I could

4. Pumped to remove blockage (Don’t do this! I unknowingly pumped away the milk from the good functioning top half.

5. Nursed Elijah again.

6. Took a hot bath and hand expressed blocked breast in the water.

7. Drank some Mother’s Milk tea and Ate a healthy meal. ( I read it is important to keep eating and drinking… I was afraid at first to do this because the pressure was enormous, however, it is good because you need the pressure to clear the blockage.)

8. Went to the LC- she told me to nurse a lot (every 2 hours) and to take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen to reduce swelling. This was great! advice I didn’t find anywhere on any of the blogs or websites.

9. Bought some organic cabbage at Mama Jean’s. (THIS IS IMPORTANT) this is a good demonstration of how to apply the cabbage! Throughout this whole time apply fresh cabbage in your bra. IT WORKS!

10. Applied heat and massaged the breast! Both a heating pack and a hot shower works here.

Eventually (about 12 hours later), there emerged at the nipple a white pimple like head. This was the clog clearing itself! Finally, during a shower, I was able to pop it and clear the duct. 

The Milk Blister aka Milk Bleb 

When I woke up, I found though the duct had cleared, there was still a white area on the nipple. Milk was coming out and Elijah had successfully drained the breast a couple times, but I was worried about this white leftover area.

SO, I called and visited the LC again. Found it was a milk blister (bleb) and went home to google.

The BEST thing to do is:

1. Clean area with a wet wipe or tea tree oil scrub. Wash hands first!

2. Apply olive oil, coconut oil or lanolin (super doper diaper doo works well)

3. Then apply cabbage. It makes a sort of poltice.

4. Keep nursing throughout!


Good luck and health to you.



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